01 August 2006

Jargon Jungle Week 4: Special Aloha Edition

(I wrote part of this while sitting near crashing waves and sipping a pina colada on a Hawaiian beach somewhere. Try not to hate me.)

Coming to you live from a real jungle (complete with mosquitos!) and proving, once again, that I have no life, here is this week’s edition of the Jargon Jungle.

Bloom's Taxonomy: [n] when a student (generally female) shows up with so many bouquets of flowers and balloons given to her by her parents and friends for her birthday that you want to charge her for the real estate they take up in your classroom. Synonyms: hay fever, balloon debt Antonym: attention span

Modeling: [n] When a lesson always looks better in the book than tried on in the classroom Synonym: mirage Antonym: ready-to-wear

Special-needs learners: [n] Children of other teachers, administrators, school board officials, or major donors to the school; need special sensitivity because of who their parents are. Synonyms: resume-builder, hornet's next Antonyms: low maintenence

Stakeholders: [n] people lurking in dark corners with sharp objects, waiting to poke holes in your teaching methodology . Synonyms: parents, administrators Antonym: support


At 4:50 PM, Blogger butterfly angel said...

La Maestra,

I linked to this site from California Teacher Guy's site. Your "Jungle Jargon" category hits the mark.

'Stakeholders' is one of my principal's FAVORITE words to use along with 'pedagogy.' Should I give him your list?????

I will be teaching AVID this year. Do you have any advice? Have a great year!

~butterfly angel~

At 5:48 PM, Blogger La Maestra said...

I'm glad you enjoy Jargon Jungle! I didn't think this week's was one of the best, as I had a couple of pina coladas under my belt when I wrote it. ;-)

Email me at californialivewire@yahoo.com and we can talk AVID--I'd love to share advice with you!

At 7:48 PM, Blogger kylie said...

Yes this stuff drives me crazy....the worst are "scaffolding" and "unpacking the standards." You scaffold a building and you unpack a suitcase!
This is so ridiculous...it is an attempt to put education in the realm of science when in fact it is just as much an art as a science.


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