07 August 2006

Jargon Jungle Week 5: Special Hyphenated Edition

Since we're hosting the Carnival of Education for this week, I've decided to post this a day early. So, without further ado, here is the Week 5 Special Hyphenated Edition of The Jargon Jungle.


At-risk: What your bank account balance is after you buy all of your school supplies for the new year. Synonyms: financially-challenged, broke. Antonyms: independently wealthy, solvent.

Culture-Specific Non-verbal Communication: the odd dialect used by students when instant-messaging that has an annoying habit of creeping into students’ classroom standard English writing. Synonym: net-speak. Antonyms: English.

On-level: what your blood pressure is in the last week before you have to go back to your classroom. Synonyms: summer break, relaxed. Antonyms: hypertension.

Project-based learning: Any classroom assignment or assessment that requires glue sticks, construction paper, glitter, at least one parent note pleading for more time, and is guaranteed to not come out of the carpet until the end of the year. Synonyms: havoc, mayhem. Antonyms: quiet, orderly.


PLUG: Don't forget, posts for this week's Carnival of Education are due to californialivewire@yahoo.com by tomorrow at 5:00 PM PDT!


At 8:38 PM, Blogger kylie said...

Yeah, I am really sick of "at risk." To me, this is a label that can be applied to students with no parent support or just lazy students.........or to students who never developed the personal skills needed to succeed in school
project -based learning- what they try to foist on us and expect us to teach all the standards at the same time! Guess what? If I teach the standards I maybe have time for 1 project a year!

At 9:27 PM, Blogger Coach Brown said...

I don't like classes that are entirely based on project-based learning, but I do like projects that demand that students apply knowledge. What better way to teach economics than to have a student create a business?

At 10:18 PM, Blogger kylie said...

Some classes lend themselves to that like econ and government- I do a lot of projects but that is because seniors are not tested on the CAT 6 so I can ignore some standards and do more real life things.....but it is harder in the other classes.....


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